Farnborough Sands

Why are we here

We support anyone affected by the loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy or after birth, no matter how long ago or how recent the loss. We cover the area surrounding Frimley Park Hospital, but the hospital is not a condition of the group.

Our group is run by volunteers, all of whom are bereaved parents themselves. Therefore we understand at a very personal level, the devastation and heartbreak of losing a child. Each loss is unique, and while the details of our losses vary widely, we have all found ourselves on a journey that we never imagined we would be on.

We are not bereavement counsellors, but we do have Sands trained 'befrienders' who can offer support, understanding, comfort and most importantly a listening ear.

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What we do

We also work in partnership with local healthcare professionals to improve the quality of care and service offered to bereaved families. In addition we promote the research and improvements in practice that could help reduce the loss of babies' lives. We provide training to healthcare professionals and we provide memory boxes and contents.

How can you contact us

The group is ran by a small committee of volunteers. For any general enquiries, please contact us via email using farnborough@sands.org.uk. Alternatively:

Joining the group

To become a Farnborough Sands member please, download and complete the 'Farnborough Sands Membership Form' and follow the instructions on the 'Join Us' page of this site - click here