Farnborough Sands

Submitting your story

Sharing your experience of loss with others can be a source of great comfort for many. For those who have experienced loss, it can be a way to put down on paper (albeit electronically) a personal dedication and memorial to those no longer with you. It can also be a source of great comfort and strength for others to read the stories and journey's that others are making, especially from those who are perhaps many years into their journey.

Recently bereaved parents often tell us how they spend time in the early weeks and months scouring websites, Facebook groups etc, and reading everything they can. They may not feel able to share their story at that time, but reading the experiences of others can be a huge source of comfort.

You can do this entirely anonymously, and we have no fixed rules about how you do this. So if you'd like to share a story, a poem, a reading, a diary entry or an 'open letter' of any sort, please consider doing so. It may be helpful to you and your family, but could also help others.

Submit your stories simply by emails them to 'farnborough@sands.org.uk', or by reaching out to any of the committee members directly or via our Facebook page.